A contemporary music




Working with the




To work with the next generation of composers and musicians and to introduce contemporary music to the younger audience is one of Krumbukters main focusing areas.



By initiating workshops with young composers and working with there newly written music, we give them the opportunity of hearing there music for the first time. It also gives them the opportunity of experience how you can use the instruments and a better understanding of how to notate the music so that the musicians understands the original intentions.


Collaborative concerts

To play concerts together with the younger musicians and also by playing concerts for the young audience. Is a great way of sharing experience and creating new ones.


In 2018 Krumbuktus had it's first collaboration with Hvidovre Music School and KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival.

During this collaboration the ensemble had two workshops together with the composer students from the music school and played the premiere of five newly written pieces for the ensemble. The concert was performed by both the students and the ensemble playing together.


We are currently preparing for a new collaboration starting in 2020.

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