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Ondes Martenot,

Nadia Ratsimandresy (France) has an Advanced Training Diplomas in Onde Martenot and Musical Acoustics, both obtained in 2002 at the Paris Conservatoire, Nadia is dedicated to chamber music and the performing arts. One of her collaborations is with the Italian pianist Matteo Ramon Arevalos on the program Messiaen around Messiaen, dedicated to Messiaen and his students, and released on CD for the English RER label Megacorp in 2008.


Ying-Hsueh Chen (Taiwan/Denmark) was born in Taiwan and has studied percussion in Californian, New York and in Copenhagen where she is now living and are working as freelance percussionist, improviser, composer and teacher.

She is the fonder of the concert serie ”Ancestral Modernism”.


Alexandra Hallén (Sweden) As a cellist Alexandra Hallén is as passionate as she is bold and are known for her work of details and passionate energy. Her willingness to always push the boundaries off cello playing, so to explore new extended technics, has resulted in close collaborations with many composers.

The Ensemble

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